Our force sensing joystick design is so unique it’s patented. For use in a multitude of platforms where flexibility and short prototyping cycles are important. Highly reliable and extremely robust in design, with sensitive components distanced from moving parts.

The force-sensing, limited displacement joystick does not rely on displacement, as with traditional joysticks, but rather an applied force, which is translated into a varying voltage signal via simple electronic circuitry.

  The circuitry can emulate the potentiometers of traditional joysticks, simplifying the interfacing process to multiple platforms, ranging from desktop PC’s to advanced process control computers. Applications include:
Commerecial and military flight simulation
UAV/drone/robotics control
Industrial control applications
Limited Displacement JoystickTM (LDJ) (a.k.a. RibbStickTM)
Our force sensing, limited displacement design concept, based on the real F-16 side-stick controller. Compatible with a customer provided Thrustmaster Cougar™ grip and electronic interface board, or adaptable to a real SSC grip through the use of the available LDJ-to-SSC adapter accessory. Features include:
Extremely rugged construction
Low cost, affordable alternative to other designs
Mounting plate adapts to high-fidelity cockpits, while providing flexibility for a variety of cockpit designs
Full realistic SSC forces, adjustable through software
Mechanical hysteresis is minimal (inability to return to dead center)
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Set-up is easy: Secure the assembly beneath the right console, plug the provided connectors into the Thrustmaster Cougar™ circuit board, and add your Cougar grip. Set your desired maximum forces and sensitivity through the Cougar Control Panel calibration app.

Thrustmaster CougarTM Tailpiece Adapter

This bronze cast adapter replaces the standard Cougar grip tailpiece and provides a realistic 13-degree forward lean to the grip. The tailpiece adapter accepts the original 5-pin, mini-DIN connector from the stock Cougar tailpiece, maintaining compatibility with the LDJ connector.



LDJ-to-SSC Adapter

This aluminum adapter allows the use of a real customer supplied F-16 SSC grip with the LDJ. The adapter does not include a wiring socket, but does incorporate a ½” pass-through hole for extending the wiring from the grip.

Click here to download the instructions to install our Joysticks.
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