HVAC Manufacturer's Representative
Incorporated in 1992, Patterson Equipment is an HVAC manufacturer’s representative, serving the Dayton, Columbus, and Lima markets.

With over thirty years of sales engineering knowledge in HVAC design and application, you can expect the right questions to be asked prior to quotation and order entry, resulting in a more profitable project, without the surprises.



Flight Simulation Equipment
Starting with a static inceptor (joystick) design in 2003, our flight simulation offering has expanded to include fiberglass cockpit assemblies based on the popular F-16 aircraft, and offers the customer flexibility in build-out capabilities.  
Fiberglass Cockpits
based on the F-16 Falcon.  Dimensionally correct and sturdy, these are ideal as a starting point for customer outfitted platforms.  Configurations include a one-seat (F-16C) or two-seat (F-16D) version.

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Force-Sensing Joystick
It's design is so unique it’s patented.  For use in a multitude of platforms where flexibility and short prototyping cycles are important.  Highly reliable and extremely robust in design, with sensitive components distanced from moving parts.

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