Our latest offering, rugged fiberglass cockpit shells based on the F-16 Falcon.  Dimensionally correct and sturdy, these are ideal as a starting point for customer outfitted platforms.  Configurations include a one-seat (F-16C) or two-seat (F-16D) version.   Ideal for the following markets:
Trade show displays
Entertainment industry
Fiberglass F-16 Cockpits
The cockpit shell accurately reproduces the exterior dimensions of the real F-16. Configurations include both the single seat F-16C and two seat F-16D. Ideal for interior fit out by customer, the shells can be the basis of a high-fidelity finished product. In addition to the shell, we offer a one-piece tub that incorporates the seat well, side and auxiliary consoles.
Fiberglass F-16 Cockpit Outer Skins
Designed to enclose open frame F-16 cockpits, these skins are very sturdy on their own and faithfully reproduce the wing strakes. Separate panels cover side openings, allowing access to interior components.
Finish: Gray gel coat
Dimensions (per side): 74" long x 32.75" high (at back) x 3/16" thick
Weight (per side): Approximately 25 lbs.
Note: Skins were designed to be 42.5” across at the widest point in front. Wider cockpits will require the resulting gap at front top to be addressed.
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